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This Porch we built extended the indoor living space out to the back yard. By incorporating all the colors, architectural details and textures of the house it became a beautiful addition.




Many houses built today don't come with a back porch at all. In just two weeks time we went from Plans to permits to a beautiful back porch ready for the Hot Days ahead.

Many other homes have a very small porch. In this case we doubled the size of the porch, Installed a beautiful Redbrick Patio along with a patch of Artificial Grass and created a backyard ready to entertain in.








A part of creating a beautiful outdoor living environment is having a place to store things that would else be a visible and part of the landscape. In many case this is not desirable so Roberts Custom Homescapes takes care of the problem by building Custom Sheds. These sheds can either be built on a slab and fixed to the property or on block pedestals for removal at a later date.





If you are in need of a porch or enlarge an existing porch or a storage shed simply go to the Contact Us page and we will get started improving your outdoor living environment.







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