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My name is Robert Wineinger and I am the owner and founder of Roberts Custom Homescapes. I am a native Tucsonan born at St. Josephs Hospital the first year it was in business. My father was a doctor at Thomas Davis Clinic and he wanted to raise his family where at that time was the boonies, the Foothills of the Catalina Mountains. Growing up in the desert we had to create our own playgrounds from what was there, clearing cactus and trimming trees was a part of our after school activities. Even as a boy I enjoyed creating art out of a tree that has never been trimmed. We also always had a garden. I enjoyed turning the soil with our old antique plow my father brought from a family farm in Kansas, planting the seeds, watering and feeding the garden until it was time to harvest and eat. It was my childhood and the hard work that I did then that is the strengths of Roberts Custom Homescapes today.


Hard Work

It seems to be a lost fixture in business today. Cutting corners and doing shoddy work and not caring about the end result  is to common. I know this because I have repaired more poorly done landscapes than I can count. From irrigation systems that come apart under pressure to collapsing patios and broken walls I have fixed it all.



Whether I am designing and installing a brand new yard for you or rejuvenating a neglected yard I want to see it through until your yard has reached its fullest potential. Today's bump and run type business may be common but it is not how I do business. Roberts Custom Homescapes has a maintenance service that doesn't just blow and go but cares and nurtures your yard so it is always in pristine condition.



 I have been doing business for 30 yrs and honesty is a trait that I have seen dwindle in business and it turns my stomach. I suppose honesty fell off the wagon when people started caring more about making a quick buck than taking pride in there work or product. When you ask me to take a look at your yard or you tell me your wants for your new yard I will give to you all the knowledge and creativity I have so you will have the best yard for your needs. Your satisfaction and happiness is what drives me. My name is Robert Wineinger and I promise to give you Honest and Reliable Service








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