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A very important part of having a beautiful landscape is making sure it stays on your property. Granted we live in the desert and we don't get much rain but in our rainy seasons we can get storms that dump allot of rain in a short period of time. Since our soil doesn't act like a sponge like other areas of the country we get runoff which takes the soil with it. At Robert's Custom Homescapes we design every yard to carry the water away in ways that will preserve and benefit your yard.

This Client had a problem with erosion. Not only did the pool backwash need to drain here but during rainstorm water would run down the hill and wash hillside to the street.

After picking back up the eroded hillside and securing it with Rip Rap and lining the new river with rock this property will be safe from erosion.

Rock lined river runs are not only a beautiful accent to your yard but it prevents erosion and allows water to seep into the ground to give your trees a deep root drink.

Rip Rapping on the hillsides and Rock Lined River Runs in this landscape will keep this property intact even after our hardest rains.

Many Properties in the foothill have this problem. This hillside was cut for the house pad. The water that runs down the hill from a rain end up in the backyard. A diversion trench like this one will prevent this common problem.


Some developments because of their design have a problem with pooling of water between the properties. By installing a drain pipe with grates


and running the pipe off the property the water will flow off your property.


We cover the grates back up with gravel and you can't even tell we were there but water problem is eliminated.


At this home in Oro Valley the client had a problem with this sandy hillside eroding.


By backing the new riprap job with landscape fabric and mortar with color we produced a hillside that is not only beautiful but will stand the test of time.


Rock lined river runs can be made with any of the landscape rock available. Coronado Brown matches this landscape. The native Catalina rock or Salt River Rock might be the correct choice for your yard.  


Detail is everything in a quality landscape. Our rockwork here provides soil retainment as well as tree wells.



If after a rain you see erosion or puddling in yard give us a call or go to the Contact Us page to set an appointment and we will see how best to shed the water or harvest the water to benefit your yard.







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