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Walls have many functions in a landscape. Privacy and screening between neighbors, retaining dirt to expand your yard or raised planters, dividing or seat walls are a few. Like patios there are many materials to use to get the look and affect you want. At Robert's Custom Homescapes we have built walls out of many materials and we can help you decide which would best enhance the look of your house.


This Seltic Block retainer system is a beautiful to create raised planters or tier a sloping yard.


Standard block and stucco is nice way to encompass your yard by extending the texture and color of your      house.                                    


Keep the security of a wall and let the view in at the same time with wrought iron panels between block-stucco columns.


Many of the neighborhoods being built today have tiered pads. The transition between the elevations is a slope covered with rock. My client here wanted a yard instead of a pile of rock.


We removed the rock and dirt, built a retainer wall, laid down some sod and gave my client a yard to enjoy.


If you need a wall built go to the Contact Us page and we'll design and build a wall that is not only functional but beautiful.







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